Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 Promo Code

visual studio team foundation server 2015 promo code

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 Promo Code

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 delivers the seamless collaboration, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and DevOps tools that teams need to accomplish more faster.
Organizations may choose to purchase User CALs or Device CALs, or a combination of both. User CALs may be appropriate when one user accesses Team Foundation Server from multiple devices or locations; device CALs are typically used when multiple individuals share a single device to access Team Foundation Server. Although a Device CAL permits multiple users on a single device, it may only be used by a single user at a time. Learn more about licensing, volume licensing, and reseller options.

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visual studio team foundation server 2015 promo codes

Collaboration tools for the entire team

Team Foundation Server provides a set of collaboration tools that work with your existing IDE or editor, so your team can work effectively on software projects of all shapes and sizes.

  • Version control
  • Tools for agile teams
  • Continuous integration
  • Languages and tools
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Version control - Use Team Foundation version control (TFVC) for one massively scalable repo, or multiple Git repositories for maximum flexibility.
Tools for agile teams - Capture, prioritize, and track work with backlogs and customizable Kanban boards. Build rich dashboards for easy reporting.
Continuous integration - Catch quality issues early with continuous integration (CI) builds that compile and test your application automatically after any code change.
Languages and tools - Version control supports any language, including Xcode. Java teams can access code and work items through a free plugin for Eclipse, and run continuous integration builds based on config files from Ant or Maven.